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Firmwave® Edge Delivers Unparalleled Sensor Management for IoT.

6th August 2016

Firmwave® Edge is the first low-power, wireless sensor management system.  Designed to meet the challenges faced by today’s organisations rolling out IoT projects, Firmwave Edge modular hardware and firmware architecture allows organisations to quickly and securely deploy edge devices across diverse network types.

Organisations wishing to deploy IoT solutions can be overwhelmed by the myriad of sensor and network communication protocols and standards they encounter. Currently enabling IoT solutions is expensive and requires highly bespoke solutions, particularly at the enterprise level. This level of fragmentation makes IoT deployments lengthy, costly and inefficient.  Firmwave are able to address these issues by aggregating the communications from the diverse sensor types and connectivity networks across a secure network platform. Enterprises benefit from having a seamless end-to-end connectivity experience, enabling them to capture and securely manage the vast amounts of data transacted between their IoT devices. Organizations can for the first time, access a secure and scalable data delivery channel from edge IoT sensors and IoT gateways through a unified sensor management system.

The Edge system on modules enable easy, reliable and secure data collection at the extreme edge of the network on tiny low power nodes.  Edge built-in connectivity, security and sensing modules dramatically reduce the need for hardware and firmware customization allowing customers to easily connect their devices across heterogeneous networks.  Firmwave Edge comes with a host of on-board sensors including Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer as well as a 36-pin expansion connector providing flexibility and extensibility to meet diverse customer applications.

Firmwave provide a platform of software tools and cloud management system (Edge Insights) that simplify the integration of multiple wireless sensor network technologies in a single deployment through a single dashboard providing remote management capabilities, diagnostics, and over-the-air upgrades that significantly reduce device maintenance costs.

About Firmwave®

Firmwave® licenses hardware, firmware and cloud device management software for enterprise grade IoT solutions in healthcare, energy and logistics markets. Its Firmwave® Edge platform allows customers to reduce complexity and easily connect, manage, and maintain their edge devices in a secure way. This allows customers to focus on innovation and unleash their creativity in the IoT economy.

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