Logistics & Asset Tracking

Prevent costly damage of assets with continuous real-time visibility while maintaining and proving compliance with regulations.

Logistics & Asset Tracking Benefits

Effective Fleet and Goods Management

  • Avoid costly repairs and delays in shipping high value goods
  • Reduce risk of shipping costly goods by receiving location, condition and security of items
  • Capture valuable data from deployed assets in extreme environments
  • Get immediate alerts when tracking sensitive freight
  • Guarantee product efficacy for cold chain medicines and foods
  • Avoid lost or stolen high-value assets

Market Segments Served

Supply chain companies

Shipping & Freight

Real time monitoring of high-value assets

Refrigerated goods

Accelerate your Time to Market

Offering Hardware solutions, efficient cloud management and full sensor to cloud control, Firmwave’s EDGE platform is ideal for creating bespoke solutions as well integrating readily available IoT technologies.

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Jumpstart your IoT solution by using a pre-integrated and optimised end to end hardware, firmware and device management platform. Spend less time building embedded system infrastructure and more time building business analytics applications.