Accelerating IoT Deployed Solutions

Build, Deploy and Manage your IoT Sensor Network.

Accelerate your Time to Market

Firmwave employ best practice techniques for rapid prototyping and product design, iterative development and customer feedback cycles, validation and continual improvement.

Advanced Sensor Management

The EDGE platform provides everything to securely connect and manage your sensors and machines remotely, removing complexity and allowing your organisation to focus on today’s business applications

EDGE -The Intelligent Sensor Platform

Business Analytics & Application Management

Firmwave® Edge built-in hardware, firmware and cloud management software provides a pay as you go platform for customers to connect, manage and maintain their edge devices in an efficient and secure way.

Empowering Industrial and Enterprise Markets with Proven Technologies

Connecting your edge devices to the cloud is challenging. Firmwave® Edge hardware and firmware connectivity modules contain built-in open standards communications protocols and embedded firmware modules and allow customers to get their sensors connected to gateways and directly to the cloud for further data analysis.

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Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

Jumpstart your IoT solution by using a pre-integrated and optimised end to end hardware, firmware and device management platform. Spend less time building embedded system infrastructure and more time building business analytics applications.