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Firmwave® Edge Connect simplifies install of IoT edge devices

13th July 2018

Firmwave® EDGE is the first low-power, wireless sensor management system for IoT. Designed to meet the challenges faced by today’s organisations rolling out IoT projects, the Firmwave® Edge architecture allows organisations to quickly and securely deploy IoT solutions.

Firmwave® have launched a suite of mobile applications as pa rt of the Firmwave® Edge platform that allow for rapid setup and install of secure IoT gateways and sensors.  “Our customers continuously require faster and simplified solution install times and this allows their service teams to install Edge devices in minutes rather than hours” said Adrian Burns the CTO of Firmwave®. Installing and setting up industrial IoT gateways and sensors has traditionally been error prone and complex but now it can be done with a simple mobile application, bringing a consumer experience to industrial grade monitoring. Firmwave® also provide pre-validated mobile app APIs and code libraries for Android and iOS that customers can integrate direct into their own apps to reduce time to market for Industrial, Medical and Agri IoT monitoring solutions.

Firmwave® provide an off the shelf edge management system (Edge Insights) that simplifies the IoT deployment at scale by providing device, data, network, security and sensor management under a single web portal or mobile app experience. For more information contact us at

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