Firmwave Professional Services

Providing expertise and partnership

Firmwave® Professional Services help our customers build solutions by reducing the risks and time associated with creating and integrating new technologies. Our hardware and software engineering team specialise in the following areas of expertise.


Our security team have a deep understanding of the threat landscape that IoT devices will encounter and follow the SDL (Secure Development Lifecycle). Learn how to build in security from the hardware all the way up to your cloud applications.


Our team have decades of experience on short (RFID, BLE, Zigbee) and long range (Cellular, Satellite, LoRa) chipset and middleware design, validation and certification.

Device Lifecycle Management

Our team can assist you in remotely upgrading and configuring your devices, thus, making it convenient to manage, track, secure, and maintain all your devices.

Sensor Management

Our team can help your devices to be provisioned, managed and decommissioned in real time.

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Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

Jumpstart your IoT solution by using a pre-integrated and optimised end to end hardware, firmware and device management platform. Spend less time building embedded system infrastructure and more time building business analytics applications.